10. Laser Dentistry

Laser therapy has become a popular procedure for several dental treatments. The laser produces a light beam the delivers, focalized energy to accelerate healing of soft tissue such as the mucous. It is a painless and silent procedure, which helps reduce the stress of a dental consultation. Laser procedures reduce blood loss during dental treatments by aiding the coagulation process. Its high precision makes it an ideal instrument during surgery. The use of the laser may even allow dentists to forego or reduce the need for the use of anesthesia. Laser therapy is a great alternative in the treatment of certain periodontal diseases. It eases recovery with minimal bleeding, preserving gum tissue and reducing root exposure and sensitivity. Procedures that can be treated with lasers are:


• Remove inflamed gum tissues and treatment of gum diseases.

• Remove harmful bacteria and diseased tissue from the gum pocket.

• Immediately cauterize the wounds and seal nerve endings One of the most important advantages of using a laser in dentistry is that during the surgical and dental procedures, there is no cutting of the gums, less bleeding and no need for sutures.

This generally reduces recovery periods for patients and is undoubtedly wonderful news for patients all around. At Natural Dental Center, it’s a common procedure used for several treatments. We take advantage of this innovative equipment for surgery, analgesic treatments, and laser teeth whitening, amongst others. Visit us at our facilities.